Enjoy your Holidays, Enjoy Rossano.


  • Feel the Emotions

    In the streets of Rossano's Old Town you can breathe the smell of History...

  • Steri's square

    Steri's square. Wonderful with its clock tower.

  • The Old town

    A view of Rossano's Old Town

  • Rossano's Cathedral

    The Cathedral; Wondeful outside, astonishing inside.

  • Anargiri Saints square

    Anargiri saints square. 19 century atmosphere.

  • The "Torre"

    The Torre, wonderful. Come in Rossano, enjoy the perfect holiday.

  • The patire Abbey. On the mountains, one of the masterpieces of Rossano

  • Discover the Nature and our trekking routes.

  • The mountain

    Nature and Arts. Together

  • The Promenade

    Discover the promenade of Rossano!

Discover Rossano

Rossano, wonderful city on the jonion sea (south of Italy) offers you the best possible you can find in a holiday: sea, mountain, an astonishing old town and a lot of fun. Rossano astounds you with its incredible beauty... every day of the year!



Rossano can offer you the best possible Holiday Experience. Why?

The answer is simple: Rossano has more than 4000 years of history, a wonderful Old Town, crystalline sea water, miles of Sea side. Beside that you can also enjoy all the fun Rossano offers: Discoteques, lounge Bar and much more! Discover Rossano, Enjoy your holiday!



A view of Piazza Steri.



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